Our community

Smokin’ Bean isn’t just coffee. It’s a community. A community of the coffee-loving! We count every single one of you as part of our community and we want you to meet some of our friends who help make Smokin’ Bean what it is today.

Community of the coffee-loving
Our People Coffee Farmer Lenin

Our coffee farmers


All Smokin’ Bean coffee is traceable, right back to the very farm that little bean came from. We believe to make great coffee you need to know where it started its little beanie life and who helped it grow.

One of the places we source our coffee beans from is a co-op in Peru called Sol Y Café. Sol Y Café is made up of lots of little farms that help us make your Smokin’ Bean coffee. And one of those people who help make the magic happen is Lenin.

Lenin comes from a family of coffee growers so it’s in his blood. He grades the coffee and makes sure it’s always perfect so that you never get a bad cup of coffee. There’s not much Lenin doesn’t know about coffee.

Our People Coffee Roaster Eduarda

Our coffee roasters


Do you know how much work goes into developing the delicious taste profile of our Smokin’ Bean blends? Eduarda does. She’s our resident coffee expert and she worked hard to make Smokin’ Bean taste as good as it does. We think the secret is her passion.

Eduarda loves that people love it! Any time a blend is created, her ultimate goal is that people instinctively like it. To Eduarda, that’s the the whole point of crafting a coffee blend, to construct a product that is a perfect fit for the person it was designed for.

We think she’s nailed it!

Our People Barista Nicholas

Our baristas


Nicholas is a very big part of the Smokin’ Bean family. He helped us create our Smokin’ Bean Signature and Rocha blend. He knows exactly how to brew Smokin’ Bean to get it tasting just right, whatever the brew method.

Qualified doesn’t cut it – he’s Italian AND he’s worked with coffee for over 20 years! Let’s just say when Nicholas asks if anyone wants a coffee in the office, there’s a big queue!

Our Smokin' Bean Coffee Lovers


Super fan Sam is a true Smokin’ Beanie. He’s loved our coffee since he first tried it from our coffee truck at his workplace and hasn’t looked back. Sam is a genuine lover of our coffee and has spread the word to his friends, neighbours and colleagues.

He’s a bit of a coffee connoisseur, trying all sorts of variants around the country from independent roasters, but thinks Smokin’ Bean is different. For Sam, it’s more than the taste – it’s our whole ethos. He loves the knowledge and passion we have for coffee, that we’re eco friendly and that the whole brand looks good!

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