Never underestimate the power of a quality cup of coffee. It can influence the overall experience you offer in your workplace, whether it’s an office, car dealership, hair salon, beauty bar, or anything in between. A great customer experience is everything. In your workplace you need a premium coffee to match your premium service. That’s where Smokin’ Bean comes in…

Smokin’ Bean is great tasting coffee. It’s sustainable, traceable and environmentally friendly. It has the look and feel of an artisan café. With state of the art bean to cup coffee machines and second-to-none service and support, it’s everything you need to keep going during the 9-5 and beyond.

Medium - large offices

simple, pay by drink package

Coffee from 18p per cup, Coffee machines from £95 per month

Our unique Smokin’ Bean cup model makes it easy to keep track of spend. Simply pay a monthly fee for your machine and a set price per drink.

You will only ever be charged for the number of drinks that are dispensed and there is no upfront cost!

why pay by drink?

Better cost control

You will only ever pay for what you use

Competitive pricing

Prices start from just 18p per cup

built in telemetry

Control costs using reports & sales analysis

Fixed costs

No surprises - machine and cup prices are fixed

Coffee from 18p per cup

Smokin’ Bean coffee is a coffee like no other. We offer two truly delicious blends your staff and customers will love, and all of our coffee is sustainable, traceable and environmentally friendly.

Signature Blend

Our Signature blend is a delicious 100% Arabica whole bean coffee, sourced from sustainable cooperatives in Peru and Mexico. It’s triple certified: meaning it carries the Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certifications. It has notes of caramelised sugar, citrus and vanilla.

Rocha Blend

Rocha is a delicious blend of Arabica and Robusta whole bean coffee, sourced from Brazil, Peru and Uganda. It gets its name from Senhor Rocha from the ASCARIVE cooperative in Carmo de Minas, Brazil, who shares our passion for Fairtrade. This coffee is Fairtrade with nutty, chocolate and treacle notes.

Coffee machines from £95 per month

At Smokin’ Bean we like to keep things simple. We have a straight forward plan that you can tailor to your business, including all the essentials like your bean to cup coffee machine, your top class coffee beans and Fairtrade hot chocolate. Our fully automatic bean to cup coffee machines serve up barista quality coffee in seconds.

your bespoke quote

When you get in touch with us, our team will guide you through a few questions to create a bespoke package for your business.

We will go through the elements below to find your perfect solution:

We'll find out which machine is best for you

We'll ask how many drinks you serve per day

You'll choose one of our two coffee blends

You'll choose between fresh or powdered milk

We'll talk through your preferred purchase plan

We'll discuss your preferred service cover level

Once we’ve gone through these questions we’ll be able to provide your quote. This will give you a bespoke price for your chosen machine (including installation) and for each cup* served.

A full range of ancillaries are available, as well as marketing support

*A cup = 1x complete drink (excluding fresh milk).

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