Smokin' Bean Testimonial: B&M Harland

B&M Harland Ltd is a Spar branded fuel station in Pickering, North Yorkshire. Matt Alan, the Store Manager, says he is “proud to serve the best coffee in Pickering village!” They have had Smokin’ Bean coffee to go in-store for over a year now, successfully selling over 30,000 cups of sustainable goodness within their first year!

Their Smokin’ Bean coffee is dispensed from a compact coffee point designed to fit in small spaces under 1 square metre. It may be a small area, but the striking light and authentic design stands out to customers before they have even tasted it.

“We’re proud to serve the best coffee in Pickering village!”

Our Field Sales Manager, Russ Bamford says “It was evident from a very early stage that B&M Harland was a perfect fit for Smokin’ Bean. The site wanted a coffee to go offer that gave something extra to their customers – just as they try to do across the whole store. The range of products that they serve is a fantastic example of modern forecourt retailing, and Smokin’ Bean adds a point of difference to the many other coffee to go opportunities in the local area. The growth in sales of coffee since install clearly show that the store’s customers think so too.”

As Russ mentions, B&M Harland have a great customer base who love Smokin’ Bean coffee. Since the installation day, the coffee cup sales have been incredible, they have high steady cup sales averaging 90 cups a day. The option for syrup flavours gives customers further personalisation to their coffee, it can even bring in new customers who favour the sweeter things! Matt agrees; “The free flavoured syrup and espresso shots make a big difference for customers”.  B&M Harland have a lot of regular loyal customers, Matt also notes “customers don’t just come and buy one coffee, they buy them in trays of 4!”

“Customers don’t just come and buy one coffee, they buy them in trays of 4!”

Breakfast meal deals are also a big hit in-store; hot breakfast baps are the perfect morning coffee companion and a key growth area within food to go. Matt says, “the morning meal deals sell great, the locals love them!”. They are the perfect start to the day if you are on the go. Being able to pick up a coffee and breakfast bap whilst filling up your tank first thing in the morning, now that’s efficiency at its best!