Three years in coffee with Smokin’ Bean: Just how much coffee have you drunk and what is your favourite?

Smokin’ Bean first launched back in 2018. A new and exciting brand and the first to offer triple certified coffee for the on-the-go market. With our delicious tasting beans and our sustainable approach to sourcing, we quickly gained a lot of fans.

A lot has happened since we launched. In fact, we’ve calculated how many cups we’ve sold, how much coffee that equates to and what those top three Smokin’ Bean favourites are.

Here’s what we found out…

We’ve served a lot of cups of coffee!

Since Smokin’ Bean began, we have dispensed over 4.5 million drinks to our Smokin’ Beanies. Can’t quite get your head around 4.5 million cups of coffee? That equates to over 9,500 filled bathtubs! That’s a whole lot of caffeine!

Don’t forget, we only ever use sustainable to go cups and we also urge our Smokin’ Beanies to use re-usable cups too, like our branded glass KeepCups.

We’ve roasted so much coffee!

Since our launch in 2018, we have roasted over 85 tonnes of coffee beans for forecourts and convenience stores across the UK & Ireland.

85 tonnes is the approximate weight of 150 cows! That’s a pretty large herd of coffee… oh I mean cows!

We know which coffees are your favourites

We know exactly what our Smokin’ Beanies love to drink across the UK & Ireland. The top 3 dispensed drinks from our coffee to go machines are… drum roll please… Latte, Cappuccino and Americano.

Would you have guessed that?

The milk-based drinks, Latte and Cappuccinos, are a clear favourite and that’s brings no surprise! Especially with a free shot of flavoured syrups – these go perfectly with a milky coffee! Why not spice up or sweeten your coffee however you like?

As for the classic Americano, the no-fuss coffee, we think it’s the perfect choice to savour the flavour of our coffee beans with no distractions. Well, it’s clear that our Smokin’ Beanies clearly think our Signature blend is a super coffee!

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By Jo Cramp

Smokin’ Bean Senior Marketing Executive