Welcome to the new Smokin’ Bean Blog!

Welcome to the Smokin’ Bean Blog! Thanks for stopping by! I guess you’re here because you love coffee. Great coffee. And if that’s the case, you are in the right place because we’re going to be bringing you all sorts of coffee-related stuff.

Our Community

We’re all about community, here at Smokin’ Bean. Expect lots of info on the various people who help make our coffee what it is, from our producers out on the coffee farms in Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Uganda, right to you, the coffee lover!

community of the coffee loving

Sustainability, news and recipes!

Our blog will also fill you in on our sustainable projects, like Project Next Gen in Peru and give you lots of coffee-related news, insights and seasonal recipes!

In the meantime, join the conversation on Instagram: @SmokinBeanUK and check back for more updates!


By Sara Lindsay

Smokin’ Bean Digital Manager