What makes Smokin’ Bean coffee such a hit? We chat to Smokin’ Bean superfan, Sam

As you know, at Smokin’ Bean we are about creating a community of coffee lovers. From the people who grow our coffee right through to the people who bag and box it. You’ve heard about some of the people behind the coffee, but what about you, the coffee lover? After all, without you guys there wouldn’t be Smokin’ Bean.


We had a chat with one of our beanies (who we’ve nicknamed the Smokin’ Bean superfan!) and this time we made the coffee. We would like to introduce you to Sam, he’s 24, he works in IT,  he’s a football fanatic and describes coffee as his best friend.

So, how did you first become aware of Smokin’ Bean?

“I work for Dermalogica, based in Leatherhead. I remember when I had my job interview, I got the coffee as I was quite nervous! I honestly,  still to this day, believe the coffee from the Smokin’ Bean truck got me the job there. Ever since I’ve worked there, I’ve been grabbing my coffees on breaks from Jules at the coffee truck.”

WOW – you give our little beanies a lot of credit to your success!

We heard you have a WhatsApp group between you and your neighbours, where you first introduced them to the Smokin’ Bean truck.

“Yes! I was lucky enough to live in a community where people stuck together during the pandemic. One of my neighbours got an ice cream van along, which gave me the idea to get in touch with Jules on the truck and my neighbours couldn’t be happier. Every Wednesday at 1pm, Nicholas or Jules would rock up and just make everyone’s day.”

You really do love Smokin’ Bean, why do you love it so much?

“Firstly, the coffee is unbelievable. I like to think I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to coffee as I’ve always tried different variants around the UK from independent chains. But Smokin’ Bean hits differently. It’s not just the taste, it’s the knowledge and passion behind it, the team you have running the van are so invested, it’s such a great ease knowing the love going into that coffee.”

That’s great to hear, we’re very passionate about our coffee, as are you! How would you describe Smokin’ Bean?

“The brand itself is great, it’s eco friendly, there are initiatives such as discounts to use your own cup to prevent waste and just the actual style of branding screams class but laid back at the same time.”

Where’s your favourite place to enjoy Smokin’ Bean?

“Definitely at my desk, it’s great to be typing an email, grab my coffee, sip and continue cracking on working. It really does keep me going.”

And lastly, we have to ask what’s your coffee order?

“Oat milk Flat White. I choose oat, not because I cannot have cow’s milk, it’s because Minor Figures are also my favourite oat milk brand, so the combination between the two is just elite tier.”


By Robyn Chamberlain-Webber

Smokin’ Bean Marketing Assistant